March 18, 2009

SXSW 2009

So no SXSW diary this year.  Instead, I'm going to be doing some blogging on the Agit Reader website.  Check it out.  I'm probably mostly doing short updates, and so I might post some final thoughts here or there when I get back.

January 02, 2009

Happy New Year, bros . . .


Next Best Records 2009

So I was told that the official motto for 2009 is, "There's always room for one more."  The Next Best Records resolution for the year is, "Put out at least one record."  One would be more than 2008, right?

Hope 2009 is treats you fine.

(And if you're looking for 2008-year-end stuff from me, check my page on Agit Reader.)

December 10, 2008

"They say 'play ball,' but not for you no more . . . "


C.C.'s a Yankee


Apparently my main man Carsten Charles is a Yankee now.  Can't say I fault him for taking $160 million from the Steinbrenner's.  I know he wasn't even an Indian anymore, but I guess since he was around the same age as me and I got the chance to see him come up all the way from a teenage draft pick (sat it the stands in Akron for his first Double-A start) to Cy Young winner with the Indians, I rooted extra hard for Sabathia.

Congrats on getting the largest contract ever for a pitcher, C.C.  Here's hoping if the Tribe makes it back to the playoffs in the near future, they won't have to face you.

November 17, 2008

About Last Night #7

Stellar lineup at the Summit:  Fey Gods, Psychedelic Horseshit, and Los Llamarada.  Fey Gods and Horseshit are two bands that keep getting better each time I see them.  Fey Gods are getting close to having their guitar-keys-drum machine setup down pat.  I just wish they'd start doing a little more than 30 copies in their cassette runs, since I seem to keep missing out.

Horseshit kicked the usual ass, this time with Dave (most famously of Night of Pleasure?) handling the bass action.  The new songs are killer, but you knew that before, right?  As a sign of the one bummer to come, the PA speakers cut out at the end of the set.  Matt closed things out with an (almost) acapella coda to the last song.  I was glad I stood near the stage.

Psychedelic Horseshit at the Summit

Hard to really describe Los Llamarada.  This set seemed to pick up as a progression from where they left off with their S-S LP's.  Totally amazing jams.  We were hella lucky to have them come to Columbus.  You must see this band.

Los Llamarada at the Summit

November 16, 2008

About Last Night #6

Dueling banjos last night -- a good handful of bands at Skully's up against a Velvet Underground themed show at the Summit.  I tried my best to maximize, with so-so results.  I caught Deathly Fighter's dance-party set at Skully's.  Good Company played "Fat Bottomed Girls," so I suppose I can't complain too much.  Had to miss Horseshit and the Unholy 2, though.

I made it to the Summit for the later half of Moviola's set.  I liked their "I Can't Stand It."  The Summit was packed (as was Skully's).  A coney dog at Bourbon Street was more my speed between Moviola and Cheater Slicks (the main event).

Cheater Slicks playing "Sister Ray" at the Summit

The Slicks' "Sister Ray" made the evening's scrambling worthwhile.  Faithful to the original but with that added Shannon Bros. guitar magic.  Dana Hatch's vox and Mo Tucker-tribute drumming were spot on, too.  If there's a recording out there, someone needs to make this into a one-sided LP.

Cheater Slicks playing "Sister Ray" at the Summit

November 10, 2008

Alabama Rocks

I know, I know, this site's in a state of perpetual lag in terms of my posting frequency.  At least I haven't been totally off the boat.  An interview I did with Thomas Function just went up on Agit Reader.  Check it out.


Thomas Function at the Summit
Thomas Function at the Summit

And if you haven't been checking Agit Reader frequently, seriously get over there.  A lot of good stuff on there.  The Robert Griffin interview I mentioned on here before is in the archives, as is a bunch of other cool stuff.

November 01, 2008

Bill Fox performing again?

So the Revelers posted a MySpace bulletin yesterday afternoon (which I just saw) saying that BILL FOX is playing a show tonight in Cleveland.  It's supposed to be at the Backstage Bar on 17007 Lorain Avenue at 10 PM.

Obviously, this is short notice, but if anyone reads this and went, give us a report (comment/e-mail), please!

October 11, 2008

About Last Night #5

So maybe the main target last night at the Ravari Room was Tweak Bird, but we forgot shows at Ravari start on time and ended up getting there in the middle of TB's last song.  Anyway, we did get our yearly dose of Valient Thorr.


Valient Thorr at the Ravari Room


The Thorriors were in full effect and the band seemed to enjoy themselves.  Valient himself professed his undying love for Hound Dog's Pizza.  It was a magical evening.


Valient Thorr at the Ravari Room


I admit, some of the time I didn't know what Valient was talking about.  But one thing is clear:  we've gotta take matters into our own hands.  After all, who's going to help you -- a bipartisan commission?


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